Collection: Label Protectors

Mighty Line Clear Label ProtectorsFloor Marking with the Mighty Line Clear Label Protectors are an excellent tool for marking 5s floors. Create your own custom labels or barcodes and overlay them with Mighty Line clear labels. Mighty Line clear label protectors measure six inches wide by ten inches long. Might Line label protectors are a clear, peel-and-stick tape that is available in packs of 100 or 50 depending on the grade.

Consider the new Mighty Line clear label protectors, which are extremely durable.


Clear and scannable
Mighty Line is a durable and long-lasting product. Protectors for Clear Labels

- 100 pack 6 x 10 standard - flexible label protector

- 100 x 10 x 13 standard size labels - jumbo size labels - flexible label protector

NEW *** Mighty Line Clear Label Protectors, Heavy Duty

- 50 x 6 x 10 Heavy Duty Pk - 2x thicker than the standard version

- Heavy-Duty Label Protectors are designed for use on flat surfaces and in high-traffic areas.